Access Business Solutions, based in Hampton, Virginia, supports entrepreneurs from idea to implementation by helping them navigate tedious paperwork and teaching them the importance of cultivating a strong, healthy workforce. In addition, they provide support for HR and payroll, so they can focus on building their business. Hear from Shemica Copeland, owner, how ADP helps them better help their clients.

ADP saves us time and makes it efficient to do what we really love to do, which is build our businesses and provide meaningful employment to the community.

Shemica Copeland Access Business Solutions

Shemica L. Copeland, Owner
Access Business Solutions


  • Shemica, a business solutions consultant, needed a partner to enhance clients’ HR and payroll experience.

How ADP helped

  • Working with an ADP representative, Shemica is able to offer her clients RUN powered by ADP, Handbook Wizard and ZipRecruiter® to supercharge their startups.

ADP was always more efficient
I am very familiar with ADP. Over the years, I’ve managed other companies and nonprofits, and ADP was the most reliable payroll service I have experienced.  ADP was always more efficient, and I had fewer errors dealing with them than with any other vendor. It made sense for me to choose them rather than look for another solution.

One of my current clients suggested I contact his ADP representative, Alexis, and we immediately connected with ideas to enhance the services for our clients. Now, we work together to help entrepreneurs who may not have big budgets turn their ideas into successful businesses or nonprofits. To have ADP as a partner, a dependable source for so many years, to handle higher level HR and payroll needs, allows an extra layer of efficiency and comfort for our clients. 

RUN takes care of everything
We sign our business owners up for RUN, because it makes payroll so easy and efficient. It’s just a matter of logging in, assessing, verifying the hours, then the system takes care of the rest. As our companies grow, RUN makes it easy to add new employees.  RUN also ensures companies stay up to date with taxes, which can be a major headache for entrepreneurs. RUN is an efficient feature that makes dealing with taxes a manageable task.

I also encourage our business owners to get the HR component so they have access to the Employee Handbook Wizard. We work together to develop their company’s mission, goals and code of ethics, and then we add them to the template, which incorporates relevant information for every state.

The access to ZipRecruiter is key as well. Acclimating the entrepreneur to online recruiting is valuable. Together, we develop the position description, then we just copy and paste it into the ZipRecruiter system. It’s all lined up, and all we have to do is just click and review. Once it is posted, it is available for potential employees to respond.  It makes the recruitment process more focused and straightforward.

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