SMS Holdings is a family of companies that serve high-traffic public and commercial facilities throughout the U.S. with housekeeping, maintenance, downtown ambassador services, and uniforms, while also operating quick-service restaurants in the U.S. and Canada. Learn how SMS Holdings uses ADP Workforce Now to streamline operations, engage employees and strategically grow.

ADP Assist has been great for our employees. We’ve had over 15,000 ADP Assist changes in our system since implementation, and we’ve heard nothing but great things from our field employees.

Stacy Winn

Stacy Winn, Director of Marketing, SMS Holdings
SMS Holdings


  • With multiple payroll systems, a variety of applicant tracking, recruiting and timekeeping systems and no common processes – a path to grow quickly and strategically was not easily achievable.

How ADP helped

  • ADP Workforce Now provided the best mix of structure and flexibility to help streamline processes and support the next evolution of their business.


Rickie Hall, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Doug Smithhisler, Senior Vice President, Controller / Treasurer
Michelle Scheible, Senior Director of Payroll
Stacy Winn, Director of Marketing

Seeking a foundation for strategic growth

Rickie: Our strategic direction of acquisitions needed to drive our systems and processes. It was time to align on technology and tools that supported our various companies uniformly and, just as important, bring value to our employees.

Doug: Our goal was to implement an HCM solution that would provide us with a path to grow quickly and strategically. We’ve worked with ADP since our inception 34 years ago, and we’ve gone through various iterations of products. Although our business units operate in a similar vein, there are differences that require flexibility to best serve those needs. We looked at multiple potential partners for the next evolution in our business, but we chose ADP Workforce Now because we knew it would provide the best mix of structure and flexibility.

Streamlined recruiting saves time and money

Stacy: To keep our business running, recruiting and hiring has been our top priority, and using ADP Workforce Now has made it seamless. Since implementing, it’s helped eliminate manual processes, and our team is no longer inundated with administrative work. Before, we averaged five hours of administrative time per applicant, and we’ve hired 430 new employees. We estimate the time to cost savings is over $40,000.

Enhancing the employee experience

Michelle: The most impactful change after implementing ADP Workforce Now is the ADP Assist capability. Now, if employees need to update their W-4, change their address or update their dependents, they can access their information in real-time on the ADP Mobile app. It’s so user-friendly.

Rickie: Having the ADP Mobile app is critical to the employee experience, especially for hourly employees who want to see their pay. The data is readily available, secure and employees can enter their own information which helps drive efficiency and data accuracy.

Rickie: The ADP Strategic Advisory Services team really listened to how we wanted to tailor the message, which was important since this was a significant change to every aspect of the organization. They didn’t just say, “Here’s how we normally do it.” Instead, they created a template for each company.

Doug: When ADP’s Strategic Advisory Services team presented at our leadership conference last year, they spoke about disruption in the hiring market. This was so valuable to us and helped us realize the issue was market-wide and not specific to our company. As a result, we were able to be more dynamic in our responses when hiring.

On winning the People at Work award

Doug: Winning the People at Work award is great recognition of all the work, time and effort that we put into the PAT project and the partnership we’ve had with ADP over the years. It’s validating to know that ADP feels the same way about what we were trying to accomplish.

A partnership that delivers a strong foundation for continued growth

Rickie: Previously when we prepared to acquire a company, we’d assess which systems of theirs to keep and which ones we’d replace. Now, I know that their HCM platform is going to be ADP Workforce Now, and this helps us be much more agile in our acquisitions. I can’t express how much it means to have a partner like ADP who adapts and understands the complexity of these large implementations.

Doug: Having partners who have a vested interest in your success, and who have great experience and expertise gives you confidence moving forward into new endeavors. We want to continue driving consistent growth in our businesses through strategic acquisition and organic growth. ADP provides us great tools and resources that allow us to think more strategically about those growth opportunities.

Michelle: We’ve partnered with ADP since our inception 34 years ago. They listen to us and provide great solutions. We chose ADP because they are best in class. The world is changing, and we’ll continue to grow with ADP because of their innovation and vision.

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