The big differentiator is achieving greater efficiencies and convenience that positively impact our operations and help us grow our company; with ADP and ADPIA, we’ve accomplished that.

Company Confidential,


  • Previously outsourcing their group health insurance to an independent group was a negative and unsuccessful experience

How ADP Helped

  • ADPIA offered competitively priced and sourced full benefits, which integrated seamlessly with their payroll processing and helped streamline their benefits administration, making it easy for employees to enroll in plans.

ADP Solutions

  • Automatic Data Processing Insurance Agency, Inc. (ADPIA)

A payroll solution leads to ADPIA®

We use ADP® as our payroll solution, and through those interactions, we learned about other features and add-ons we might want to explore. At one time, we had outsourced our group health insurance needs to an independent group, but it was a negative and unsuccessful experience. It was that ordeal that became the motivation for us to make the switch to ADP affiliate, Automatic Data Processing Insurance Agency, Inc. (ADPIA).

The two biggest challenges we hoped to solve were integrations and guidance. We’re not HR generalists or insurance professionals by trade. With various vendors offering group health insurance, we wanted a knowledgeable partner to help us select the best plans for our business and make it easy for our employees to enroll in those plans. ADPIA is a one-stop shop that met our needs. It embodies precisely what we need by helping streamline our benefits administration, while also integrating seamlessly with our payroll processing.

A draw for top talent

We had also previously outsourced our retirement offerings, a complete disaster. Much like our need for payroll, bringing our 401(k) needs to ADP made sense due to the convenience of having everything under one roof. More important, however, is the appropriate management and deployment with ADP, which was previously lacking to a dangerous extent.

The bottom line

What we’re most proud of as operators and business owners is having the ability to offer a comprehensive benefits portfolio. We’re in a very competitive industry, and to be successful, you need to attract and retain top talent. With the help of ADP and ADPIA, we can offer competitively priced and sourced full benefits that allow us to deliver on that need.

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