Operation PAR is a non-profit that treats addiction and substance abuse. They serve roughly 13,000-15,000 participants per year. With multiple locations across eight counties on the west coast of Florida and over 440 employees, maintaining a holistic view of staffing was practically impossible.

Because Built for Teams is fully integrated with ADP Workforce Now, data syncs automatically every single day. When roles become vacant or filled across any location, HR staff members have visibility right away.

Jim Miller, COO
Operation PAR, Inc.


  • The HR teams had to use 45 spreadsheets to track headcount and keep a holistic picture of their staff.

How ADP Helped

  • ADP Marketplace facilitated partnering with a third-party solution — Built For Teams® — that syncs automatically and provides a holistic view of headcount.

ADP Solutions

  • ADP Workforce Now®, ADP Marketplace

Business challenges

  • Tracking open, vacant and filled positions required 45 spreadsheets
  • Manual tracking meant there no end-to-end visibility of staffing
  • Data from manual tracking didn’t integrate with ADP®

By partnering with Built for Teams® — an integrated solution available through ADP Marketplace — the HR team at Operation PAR now has a holistic lens through which to view< their organization, allowing them to shift to a more proactive recruiting and retention strategy.

Unquantified staffing issues

Although Operation PAR has partnered with ADP for more than 22 years, the staffing challenges they experienced in 2020 pushed them to look for a way to manage their workforce. Because of their non-profit status, staffing data is important to obtaining grants and funding. “We needed to be able to quantify our staffing shortages and our vacancy rates, but we didn’t have any accessible real data to back our needs up,” said Jim Miller, COO.

ROI — the cost of time

“Having the number of open positions at your fingertips in real-time is so valuable,” said Rich Neubert, CHRO. “It makes a huge difference in our decision-making because of the cost of the time it’s saving us.”

Because Built for Teams is fully integrated with ADP Workforce Now, data syncs automatically every single day and can sync more often if needed. When roles become vacant or filled across any of their locations, HR staff members have visibility almost immediately, so instead of working through a list of updates before making a staffing decision, the data is available on-demand, drastically speeding up the process and providing end-to-end visibility of staffing.

Developing a strategic recruiting plan

The Built for Teams integration with ADP also provides historical data, allowing Operation PAR to easily track staffing trends over time. HR Director May Carnal said, “We’ve been able to focus on our recruitment strategies more. That’s huge because it helps us set priorities depending on how long certain roles have been vacant or their turnover rate.”

The holistic lens provided by the ADP and Built for Teams integration has shifted Operation PAR’s staffing strategy from reactive to proactive, and that’s something they don’t plan on changing any time soon.

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