Detail Pro Shop provides full detailing services for all makes and models of vehicles, watercraft and aircraft as well as sales of detailing products and equipment.

I was just messing around on the ADP website the first month when I realized that Google Ads by Upnetic is included with my RUN Powered by ADP bundle. I was like — oh, what’s this? I called up, and asked, “Is this for real? I just pay for Google Ads and you help me out for free?” And the Upnetic digital marketing specialist said, “Yeah, that’s the deal.

Detail Pro Shop

Mike Dilger, Owner
Detail Pro Shop


  • As it expanded, Detail Pro Shop needed more from its payroll provider and a marketing firm that didn’t charge exorbitant fees.

How ADP helped

  • Along with expert, hands-on marketing assistance at no additional cost — ADP offers competitive retirement plan options, health insurance, and robust reporting to help stay ahead of the latest laws and regulations.

I needed more from my payroll provider

When you’re small and only have a few employees, you’re just trying to do payroll on the cheap. I had this guy down the street helping me with it, and then he introduced me to a provider that was based in Columbus. After we expanded to our second location, in Nashville, I decided I needed a provider that offered more, like retirement plans, access to some benefits and more robust reporting so I don’t get in trouble with the state agencies. I wanted someone with a national presence, which pretty much meant ADP or Paychex. And I had a bad experience with Paychex. So, when an ADP representative walked in and asked me if I had been thinking about payroll, his timing couldn’t have been better.

We’re closing 70 – 80 percent of our Google Ads leads with Upnetic

Google Ads by Upnetic

We’re in our third month now, and it’s just been great. I’ve seen no drop in the number of leads or position rank. And the leads that we’re getting are high quality. My manager in Columbus said that they’re closing 70 to 80 percent of the leads. Clearly, we’ve got the right ad copy out there. And it’s not costing me anything.

ADP is a big, robust system

With ADP, you get more than payroll. You get employee discounts. You get access to the retirement plan. It’s all seamless. I’m now talking to the folks about health insurance for my employees. The ADP mobile app is really good, and it makes it easy for the employees to manage their own stuff. They can get access to all their payroll info and tax info, which is important this time of year. It’s just a big, robust system.

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