Sinceri Senior Living is a premier, progressive senior living management company with over 35 years of experience in 77 communities across the nation. They provide quality care to residents in need of assisted living, independent living, memory care and skilled nursing. It is widely regarded for its caring culture — treating both residents and employees like family. Learn why this dedicated organization won the ADP Resiliency at Work award, and how partnering with ADP helped Sinceri manage their growth, retain employees and look to the future through tools like ADP DataCloud, the ADP mobile app and more.

The reporting functionality of ADP DataCloud allowed us to take necessary steps in response to what we needed during the pandemic. The speed and ease we experienced allowed us to be flexible, helping us pivot as a company.

Alisa Clark,, Vice President of Human Resources and Employee Relations
Sinceri Senior Living


  • The flexibility and resources to achieve a business expansion plan that included adding thousands of employees over the course of three months.

How ADP helped

  • The solutions available with ADP Vantage HCM helped to expand their growth quickly and the ADP implementation team worked hard to demonstrate the onboarding tools, helping to ensure that new employees were onboarded into the system immediately and easily.



Alisa Clark, Vice President of Human Resources and Employee Relations
John McNeil, Chief Financial Officer
Chris Belford, Chief Executive Officer

Like part of the family

Alisa: First and foremost, our culture is all about care. Just like family. That’s the approach we take not only with our residents but our employees, as well. It’s all about partnerships. It’s about how we treat each other, how we partner with our family members to make sure that our residents are getting the best care possible.

John: We approach every single resident as an individual and strive to do what’s best for them. I think we continue to grow as a company because we have never forgotten the reason we are here — to take care of each individual and help ensure that our residents are treated as they deserve to be — just like family. I think that’s what helps us stand out, what makes us different — we love our residents and the people we work with.

Recent expansion and working with ADP

Chris: Partnering with ADP during our expansion was extremely valuable. I compliment the ADP team for what they helped us achieve. We were able to transition 50 new communities into Sinceri seamlessly. There was not a single instance of an employee experiencing any interruption to their benefits or not receiving their pay.

Alisa: The future for us really is growth and expansion. In the last three months, we’ve been able to double our size. As part of our business expansion plan, we were looking to add approximately 2,000 additional employees over the course of three months. We knew we needed flexibility to achieve what we wanted to. ADP was right by our side every step of the way. When dealing with some vendors, it’s not unheard of to experience setbacks or be told they can’t help you achieve what you want. With ADP, there was none of that. When we told them when we wanted to go live, they responded with “Let’s get our team together and make this happen.”

How ADP helped during the pandemic

Alisa: The reporting functionality of ADP DataCloud allowed us to take necessary steps in response to what we needed during the pandemic. At the time, there was a lot of uncertainty to contend with in the world and what we needed was access to accurate, up-to-the minute data and reporting. With DataCloud, we were able to gather the metrics and benchmark data we needed from our payroll system and Vantage. The speed and ease we experienced allowed us to be flexible, helping us pivot as a company.

DE&I and analytics

Alisa: Part of our DE&I initiatives are centered around breaking the barriers of career growth. We are building career growth models designed to provide different certifications and opportunities for our employees to develop both professionally and personally. But to be most effective, we rely on metrics to help us identify where we need to focus more attention. Using the reporting and benchmark features of ADP DataCloud has allowed us to identify locations where discrepancies in pay equity existed. Utilizing the data from ADP benchmarks, as well as our internal benchmarks, has helped us correct discrepancies to become more competitive with compensation.

On winning the Resiliency at Work Award

Chris: This honor that ADP has bestowed on us is very gratifying and is a reflection on the culture we believe in. As healthcare workers, we have a tremendous responsibility to our residents — our family — to take care of them and provide for their needs regardless of the challenges we’re presented. We may have changed how we do things, but we’ve never changed why we do things. To be recognized for our resilience is affirmation of that.

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