As a global pharmaceutical leader that provides affordable medicine to over 200 million patients and employs 40,000 people worldwide, Teva Pharmaceutical is known for its caring culture. Learn why this inspiring organization won the ADP® People at Work award, and how partnering with ADP helped Teva put people first through tools like Enterprise HR, Enterprise eTIME, ADP Mobile and more.

For anyone that’s not an ADP client asking, "How do I make my employee experience better? How do I enhance people's lives? How do I work better with vendors?" You have to have a solid product, and ADP is just that.

Domenick Gramuglia, Director of Payroll for the Americas
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd


  • Lack of employee self-service options created a high demand on the HR team and frustration for employees
  • Time and attendance was a manual process with spreadsheets and in-person timeclocks

How ADP helped

  • ADP Mobile and self-service portal equips employees with direct access to their pay and benefits information
  • ADP Enterprise eTIME features self-service time and attendance capabilities, allowing employees to clock in and out on a time device, from the ADP portal or the ADP mobile app which integrate right into ADP Enterprise HR.



Domenick Gramuglia, Director of Payroll for the Americas
Carlos Benitez, Senior Director for the North America People Office
Dan Lawlor, Senior Vice President of Human Resources for North America


Domenick: In 2018, we started looking at vendors. We looked at ADP. We looked at Kronos. We looked at other providers for time and attendance. What led us to choose ADP was the ease of integration and the support they provide. We made the change to leave the provider we had and partnered with ADP across the globe because the common goal between us was to get our employees tools they didn’t have, and ADP offered one comprehensive solution. ADP’s Enterprise HR is a blast – it has all the tools, bells and whistles… anything we need to be successful in delivering the final product to our employees. For us, it was a huge win.

Empowering employees with self-service

Domenick: Before we had self-service, it was frustrating for our employees and HR team because people needed answers, and the number of tickets with our HR team was high. Now, with the ADP portal and mobile app, our employees can look at their pay and tax statements, request time off and be empowered to do everything they need to without relying on a human being on the other side. We hear they don't need us anymore, which is great. We can use the tools ADP provides to do more important things.

Dan: ADP products have been very helpful for both managers and employees. Our employees like that they can easily look at the ADP app on their phone and not have to worry about going online. And for our HR and payroll teams, this has made their jobs easier. They get less questions from employees, which enables them to spend more time and resources focusing on other areas to support and help our employees.

Saving time and costs with Enterprise eTIME

Domenick: We’ve saved by switching to Enterprise eTIME. It features self-service capabilities that empower employees to enter their own time, whether it's on a time device, at a manufacturing plant, or in the ADP portal or mobile app. Enterprise eTIME has changed not only the payroll department's life, it has changed the HR team’s life; if we need to charge something to a different department, we can do that right on the fly through ADP.

Connecting through ADP technology

Dan: We're a very large company – 40,000 employees globally – so that adds a lot of complexity. Within our workforce, we have scientists at the front end of the process, creating and inventing new medicines. Then we have employees in our facilities manufacturing these medicines. And then we have a whole commercial organization selling and promoting our products, plus the support functions such as HR and legal. So, one of the challenges of having such a diverse, global workforce is creating a one Teva culture and ensuring we're all aligned on our purpose, our mission, and our values. Through ADP technology and other tools, it's enabled us to stay better connected despite our size and our span.

Carlos: We have great platforms for people management, and ADP is a big part of that. It’s helped us understand what’s going on and how our employees are working together. With people working remotely around the world during this pandemic, we needed to bring them closer. We quickly implemented a number of tools to make sure people could see each other and interact. One of the things I hope we keep from the pandemic is that it made us all more human, and technology facilitated that.

Second-to-none service

Domenick: Outside of Teva, I've been an ADP client for a long time, but I’ve also worked with other vendors. ADP service has phenomenally evolved over the years. It is second to none. They give you the tools not only to be self-sufficient with service in the portal, but also the experience to back that up. When you do make a phone call, they're there. The service is just outstanding. I'm not saying this because it’s an interview; these are facts.

Carlos: I've used ADP in many different companies I've been in, and they’ve always been there. The data is correct. The data is efficient. I can use it to really understand what's going on. And in environments I didn't have a large-enough HR staff, ADP was there to answer my questions and make sure their expertise was used to help us do the right things. With ADP, I can engage in a conversation with somebody in service that has the expertise or ability to find what I need. They understand the importance and the urgency, and they go the extra mile to provide that information.

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