Neopost USA: Using the Client Evaluation Scorecard to Measure Engagement

Neopost USA a global customers communications management company, employs over 6,000 global employees and helps their customers connect with their clients, whether it’s through letters, parcels, digital communication, or software solutions. The HR team was looking to measure the effectiveness of their activities such as automating the solution and speaking the language of numbers with their business partners by showing metrics and effectiveness of the HCM solution. Neopost participated in the Client Evaluation Scorecard to help better utilize their HCM system and provide metrics around the employee and manager self-service capabilities recently rolled out to their workforce. The Scorecard helped to identify areas that would increase employee usage of the system, improve operational efficiency and provide a collective view of the volume of activities running through their HCM system. Watch the video to learn how ADP and the Scorecard tool helps Neopost’s HR team to validate the changes they implemented to help support business growth.

Patricia Steimle, Dir. of HR Operations, Neopost
Marie Mann, SVP of HR, Neopost