Managing payroll for a global, Fortune 500 solutions integrator that provides business-to-business services across the U.S. and in 19 different countries isn’t the easiest job in the world — but it can be very rewarding. We spoke with Michelle Hansen, US payroll manager of Insight Enterprises, about how ADP Vantage HCM is providing her payroll team of five with the tools necessary to streamline the company’s payroll process. Michelle also comments on being recognized at the ADP Meeting of the Minds 2022 Client Awards and winning the award for Humanity at Work.

There's a lot of value in our partnership with ADP. The main thing that comes to mind is how simple they make processing payroll.

Michelle Hansen, U.S. Payroll Manager, Insight Enterprises

Michelle Hansen,, U.S. Payroll Manager
Insight Enterprises


  • Insight Enterprises wanted to find a way to simplify their payroll process and keep up with regulatory compliance.

How ADP helped

  • ADP’s Vantage HCM and ADP SmartCompliance help Insight Enterprises run payroll quickly and efficiently and remain compliant with changing regulations.


Managing payroll with ADP

There's a lot of value in our partnership with ADP. The main thing that comes to mind is how simple they make processing payroll. We partnered with ADP about three years ago to simplify our payroll process. We have two payroll frequencies at Insight — biweekly and semimonthly. That means we process 50 payrolls a year. Once an employee is hired, we onboard them into the ADP payroll system platform and set up taxes and direct deposit. We also use the platform to process any rate changes, promotions, leave status and terminations.

On making payroll processing more efficient

Our ADP consulting reps have made it much easier to navigate through each step. Basically, we say, "Here is all of our data that we have compiled for this cycle," then hit “process” and we get reports back usually within 10 to 20 minutes to ensure all of the payroll information was inputted properly. It makes that timeframe of calculating and ensuring the data was inputted properly very time manageable so we can get it processed before the deadline. Working with the ADP Vantage HCM solution makes each of these processing days extremely easy. And we get into a rhythm, we know how the system works and how it calculates, and the fact that it is so user friendly makes our job easier.

User-friendly self-service for employees

When we engaged Vantage, we enabled the self-service portal. This makes our payroll processing easier and is also very user friendly for our employees. When employees go online to view their direct deposits, taxes, pay statements, everything is there in self-service. As an employee, I can go online and change my direct deposit if I add a new checking or savings account and it will be updated for the next payroll. You can also update your taxes and pull your W2s quickly and easily from the self-service portal as well as the ADP mobile app. And then we also use ADP SmartCompliance to process any tax services, tax payments and set up garnishments for employees.

On compliance with ADP

With the pandemic, there have been lots of new payroll regulations across different states. Sometimes there is something new that is suddenly required by one state that you have to have on pay stubs immediately. Our ADP rep and our ADP payroll consultant are on top of any changes and have been very quick to send out communications and help make sure that our payroll processes in different parts of the country are compliant with new state regulations.

Promoting productivity and well-being

As our payroll processor, ADP helped set the foundation for In It Together with information about taxes and deductions and plays a big part in making the foundation work daily. In It Together Foundation is an Insight Enterprise charity created to help employees in need. If we have someone that has a disability and they need help with getting schooling or extra care, we can help set them up with that by providing them the extra funds for that program. Or if there is an accident and someone needs wheelchair access to a house, we can help build a ramp and provide them with those resources to ensure that their day-to-day life isn't as uprooted and they can still be a part of Insight.

ADP also helps us track each of the different foundation initiatives and provide data to report back to our HR team so we can see which ones are successful.

On having fun in HR

We joke that HR is a thankless job. We don't get emails saying, "Hey, thanks for paying me today." We get the ones saying, "Hey, it's wrong." The most rewarding piece of working in payroll is when everyone is paid correctly, and they don't have to reach out to us to say something went wrong or "I'm missing my money." Working with our ADP reps and their Vantage solution makes each of these processing days extremely easy and rewarding.

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