With the goal to have one system of record and a single platform to manage all employee information, Flying Food Group, LLC implemented ADP Workforce Now®, which makes it easy for HR manager to quickly enroll employees for benefits and to ensure that only active employees are enrolled, while ADP eTime has helped save in overtime costs.

The first year I was here, we had about $2 million in waste associated with employees retaining their benefits after they were terminated. We’ve cut that drastically and we've been able to reinvest that money into solutions that help our employees. And the time savings? That’s just amazing.

Genevieve Gonnigan, Corporate Director of Employee Relations and Development

Genevieve Gonnigan, Corporate Director of Employee Relations and Development
Flying Food Group, LLC

Challenges Flying Food Group faced:

  • A large hourly population that speaks 40 different languages, making communication difficult
  • Major employee growth in 19 locations in 13 states, which is expected to continue
  • Money wasted on paying terminated employee benefits premiums
  • Employee turnover that can be as high as 300 percent, creating an additional burden on the HR staff

How ADP helped:

  • Provided a single system of record and a single point of entry for everything associated with employee information management with ADP Workforce Now
  • Allowed the ability for HR managers to enter benefits information in 2-3 minutes (down from 20 minutes) on the first day, and benefits automatically kick in when the employee meets eligibility
  • Provided huge benefits and overtime cost savings, giving HR the ability to apply savings to strategic employee initiatives