When Chris Curry and Elie Tilghman decided to open a juice-and-coffee bar in Wrightsville Beach, NC, they had no idea how quickly the community would embrace them. They opened in July 2018 with just five employees — and were convinced they had overstaffed. Within weeks, they needed to hire more people, and soon found themselves expanding their menu to include poke and acai bowls. Today, with 16 employees and growing fast, they can only imagine what year two has in store.

ADP is always available to answer our questions about payroll, direct deposit, human resources, anything. And as an environmentally conscious business, we love that ADP lets us process payroll without having to print paystubs and put them in envelopes. There’s no paper to our paperwork. We would have to hire two, three people to do everything that ADP does for us. And it’s reassuring to know we’re working with a reliable company that isn’t going anywhere. ADP just makes life easy for us.

Chris Curry and ElieTilghman, Adapt Kitchen and Juice Bar

Chris Curry and Elie Tilghman, Owners
Adapt Kitchen and Juice Bar

Business Challenge: Two first-time business owners try to manage a rapidly growing store without getting caught up in payroll, insurance, taxes and other back-office tasks.

How ADP Helped: ADP’s suite of tools for small businesses — including RUN Powered by ADP®, Workers’ Compensation Insurance, Employee Handbook and ZipRecruiter® — helps them manage the business smoothly and efficiently.