Valued Relationships, Inc. (VRI) is a medical monitoring alert company based in Franklin, Ohio. Chad Dresnick, human resources manager, and his HR staff of seven handle the entire employee lifecycle for the company’s 400 “heroes” (VRI’s term for its employees) across all 50 states. With such a large geographic spread, Chad has to ensure VRI is on point with a patchwork of both federal and state HR-related laws and compliance issues, as well as drive efficiency, innovation and employee engagement. With the help of ADP®, he says that challenge is more than being met — so much so that he can finally spend time out of his office and engaging with the workforce. Chad was kind enough to sit down and discuss his company’s experience partnering with ADP.

With these [ADP] overtime reports, our overtime in the last three months has decreased by 30 percent. We’re now able to forecast and understand our needs — it’s just overall a great solution for us.

Chad Dresnick

Chad Dresnick, Human Resource Manager
Valued Relationships, Inc. (VRI)