Find out how ADP Workforce Now® helped Hunter Family of Companies to automate many of its manual, paper-based processes, kept HR headcount stable, and provided critical analytics and reporting data to management for strategic decision-making.

We are with ADP because we have had a phenomenal relationship with ADP; I personally have 11-12 years of experience with ADP products and support teams. The capabilities that ADP affords us are amazing!

Carrie Ginocchi

Carrie Ginocchi, Vice President of Human Resources
Hunter Family of Companies

Challenges Hunter Family of Companies faced

  • Burdensome, manual and time-consuming paper-based processes (open enrollment)
  • Inability to gather data for accurate reporting
  • Compliance concerns due to rapid, multi-state employee growth

How ADP helped

  • Self-service open enrollment reduces burden on HR and management
  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting provides metrics that assists strategic decision-making
  • ADP portal serves as employee intranet, providing a company news source for increased engagement