Sasha Buerano’s father has been a State Farm agent for over 30 years. When she was a kid, her father operated the business out of the first floor of their home. Growing up surrounded by the insurance industry, she loved knowing there was always potential to help people. In July 2021, she followed in her father’s footsteps and opened her own agency in Edison, New Jersey. Sasha shares how ADP® is helping her with her business.

I’ve been using RUN Powered by ADP since the first day I opened my doors. ADP was the best choice for me because I knew I wanted a payroll solution that can help with my current needs but also one that was scalable and able to provide more as my business grew.

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Sasha Buerano, owner
Sasha Buerano State Farm Agency


  • Launching a new agency required more time focused on the needs of their customers and less time devoted to payroll.

How ADP helped

  • RUN Powered by ADP provides a flexible, easy-to-use payroll solution with the resources needed to help as the business grows.

ADP was an easy choice
Prior to starting my agency, I was familiar with and used an ADP solution in the past. When I was contacted by an ADP sales rep to discuss a payroll solution for my agency, it was an easy decision because I had a positive prior experience. I’ve been using RUN Powered by ADP since the first day I opened my doors.

RUN is more than just payroll
Yes, RUN is great for payroll — but it also provides additional resources that I currently take advantage of to help me run my business more efficiently. I like having access to HR forms, best practice documents and checklist templates because it saves me the stress of not having to recreate the wheel.

Benefits of the ADP Mobile app
I use the ADP Mobile app all the time, from checking my own personal information to processing payroll. I’m on the go a lot, and ease of use is a priority for me. I think that any busy business owner will find great benefit in using the app because it’s simple and easy to navigate — I know I have.

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