Discover how ADP®’s new service features create conveniences and efficiencies for clients calling our service center for help from expert service associates.

Nine times out of 10 – or more frequently than that, quite honestly – the answer we need is readily available and the issue is resolved in a single call.

Melanie Weigert

Melanie Wiegert, HR Director
Diamond Mowers

Challenges our clients faced:

  • Sometimes having to speak with numerous service associates at the ADP service center to get the help they needed from the right person
  • Not being able to select an ideal day and time to speak with a service associate, especially when numerous team members needed to attend the call

How ADP helped

  • Streamlined service calls by providing a ‘minimal transfer’ experience, meaning the first associate a client speaks with will personally handle their issue quickly and accurately
  • Offered appointment-based scheduling so that clients could get the help they need when its most convenient for them