Started in 1994, BevMo! is a specialty beverage retailer located in three different states on the west coast – California, Arizona and Washington – whose main goal is to help its customers “find the perfect drink for every glass.” Anjie Massey is the HR manager and oversees the payroll and benefits for BevMo!’s 2,300 employees and uses ADP SmartCompliance® Health Compliance to save time and cut down on the complexities of ACA reporting.

I would probably have to spend three to four days a month handling all the things ADP is able to do for us. Without ADP, I would have to trigger the benefit enrollment event in Vantage, offer the employee coverage, run reports, scrub the reports and figure out when an employee’s stability period starts and ends. There's so much that the ADP system saves time on—it’s well worth the money.

Anjie Massey, HR Manager

Business Challenge: The company needed a way to simplify the complexities of ACA reporting.

How ADP Helped: The ADP SmartCompliance® Health Compliance module, integrated with the company’s other ADP systems, delivers data integrity and reporting through an intuitive interface.