Ventana Research named ADP as an Exemplary Leader for their North American Domestic Buyers Guide for performing the best in meeting overall Product and Customer Experience requirements. The firm also recognized ADP as a Leader in their North American Domestic and Payroll Management reports because the company is one of the top three overall highest performing vendors.

The reports use the Ventana Value Index methodology, which is based on extensive market and product research and is structured to replicate an RFI process by incorporating criteria to select technology. The research evaluates technology providers on products that address key elements of payroll software across seven Product and Customer Experience categories.

Ventana Noted ADP Strengths:

  • Domestic Payroll — ADP performed best in Customer Experience with an A- grade, notably in Validation where it was a Leader due to its well-established presence in managing domestic payroll in North America. In Product Experience, ADP did extremely well in Usability, receiving an A due to its commitment and demonstration of payroll for the employee to the operations team.
  • Payroll Management — ADP performed best in Product Experience with an A- grade, notably in Usability, receiving an A due to its very strong accessibility capabilities within the user experience. ADP’s user experience also supports rapid training and comprehension of screen content, which led to their high performance in the Usability category.

Here’s a quote from the lead Ventana analyst:

Partner and Head of Software at Ventana Research, part of ISG, Mark Smith: “The necessity to guarantee the most effective payroll solution is essential to the daily efforts of every organization and ADP has shown that it is committed to ensure the most secure and efficient processing of it. “ADP’s Exemplary and Leader ratings demonstrate its continued commitment to payroll management around the globe, and should be congratulated for its ability to endure the scrutiny in the Buyers Guide market research.”

Ventana Research Buyers Guide Domestic Payroll

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