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RAF See Reporting Agent File.

Receivable An outstanding balance due for services rendered.

Reciprocity An arrangement between taxing jurisdictions where a Lived In jurisdiction allows a credit for employee taxes paid to the Worked In jurisdiction.

Recon or Reconciliation A term usually referring to a quarterly or annual return which summarizes tax filings and deposits made during the quarter or year.

Region An individual ADP Employer Services processing office.

Regular Compensation Benefit payments to individuals with respect to their unemployment under any State unemployment compensation law, including payments pursuant to 5 U.S.C. chapter 85, but not including additional, extended, Disaster Unemployment Assistance, or Trade Readjustment Allowances.

Reimbursable Employer Certain nonprofit organizations, State or local government and political subdivisions which elect or are required to pay into the State unemployment fund a sum in lieu of contributions as provided in the State unemployment compensation law.

Reimbursing Analysis See Choice of Financing

Remuneration Any payments of wages, as defined by the state. Can include payment of regular wages, vacation pay, severance pay, bonuses and options. The definition of wages varies by state.

Reopened Claim The first claim filed after a break in claim series during a benefit year caused by other than intervening employment such as illness, disqualification, unavailability, or failure to report for any reason other than job attachment.

Reorganization Reorganization of a commonly owned entity may involve a company changing its federal identification number in whole; or rearranging the corporate structure by moving divisions or subsidiaries under a different federal identification number.

Replacement Check Issued to a client when a refund check is not received.

Reporting Agent File (RAF) Also known as the Representative Address File, this refers to the service bureau that deposits and/or files payroll tax returns on behalf of an employer. The federal government directs some inquiries, notices, and other written communication to both the employer and the service bureau.

Representative Address File See Reporting Agent File.

Requalification A process by which a claimant may reestablish eligibility for unemployment insurance through reemployment following a determination of ineligibility and a period of disqualification.

Reserve Account A separate account maintained in a State unemployment fund with respect to a subject employer to which are credited contributions paid by such employer and to which are charged all and only those benefits which are based on services performed for such employer.

Reserve Balance The sum of all contributions made to an employer SUI account-minus benefit charges. Monies in the account are not refundable to the employer.

Reserve Ratio The ending SUI reserve balance (as shown on the tax rate notice) divided by the average taxable payroll for the previous 3 to 5 year period, dependent on the state.

Reserve Ratio Formula Prior SUI Reserve Balance (plus) Contributions (minus) Charges = NEW RESERVE BALANCE

Retroactive Pay Pay for time worked in a previous workweek; retroactive pay must be applied to both regular and overtime hours.

Returned Item The return of an ACH debit or Pre-Authorized Draft; or the rejection of a reverse wire transfer to ADP's bank. A returned item is a result of a bank's failure or refusal to honor the charge presented, or the inability of the depository bank or the federal system to process the item because of erroneous information.

Reversal Any ACH entry or file that is sent within the required deadlines to correct or reverse an erroneous entry or file.

Reverse Wire Transfer See Wire Transfer.

Revised Rate A rate issued when any factor of the original rate determination is modified. Examples of modification include a discrepancy in calculation of taxable payroll, contributions, benefit charges, account balance and reserve or benefit ratios.