Confused about a specific term or acronym? Solve the mysteries of terminology with this informative resource. Updated regularly with industry-specific vocabulary and concepts, the Glossary provides easy-to-understand definitions of tax-related terms.


Garnishee In a payroll context, an employer that receives an order requiring withholding from an employee’s wages to satisfy a debt.

Garnishment Garnishment another term for lien. ADP also uses the term garnishment to describe one of the four lien types handled by WGPS. ADP processes regular garnishments (federal and state student loans) and creditor garnishments(for money owed to a hospital, department store, and other creditors)

Genetic Testing Analysis of inherited factors (usually by blood test) of mother, child, and alleged father, which can help to prove or disprove that a particular man fathered a particular child.

Goal Limit The total amount due to satisfy a lien. When this limit is reached, the deduction stops. Federal bankruptcy, garnishments, and tax levies often have a fixed amount to be paid; support orders usually do not unless theyare a separate order for arrears

Gross Wages Total remuneration paid an employee before taxes and deductions.

Group Term Life (GTL) Employer- provided life insurance coverage. The premium for coverage in excess of $50,000 is taxable and must be reported as additional income on an employee's Form W-2.

GTL See Group Term Life.

Guidelines A standard method for establishing child support obligations based on the income of the parent(s) and other factors, as determined by state law.