Did you know that approximately one in six job seekers turns down a job offer once they receive it?¹ To help avoid rejection, your offer needs to focus on more than just a competitive salary. Leveraging all the tools in your talent suite – benefits, inclusive work environments, career development – can help you create offers that candidates can’t refuse.

Here are five ways to make your job offers stand out:

1. Be detailed

The offer letter should confirm all the terms and conditions you’ve discussed with the candidate, such as job title, role expectations, salary, benefits and work location. Also, include a termination clause and acceptance deadline. Nothing in the offer should come as a surprise.

2. Be transparent

Show candidates how they’ll be rewarded by disclosing the following information:


Many states require employers to provide wage range information to current employees and external applicants.


Sharing your company’s growth trajectory and what it will do for candidates financially may excite them and help close the deal.


Candidates expect employers to provide benefits that address their personal and professional needs, so be sure to include everything your company offers beyond a salary.

3. Be inclusive

Clearly state the candidate’s position, manager and team and list the ways they can stay connected. Regular check-ins and performance conversations that take place outside traditional review cycles are often helpful. In addition, highlight some details about how the candidate will contribute to business initiatives so they can see where they fit within their team and the organization overall.

4. Be future ready

“Can I really advance my skills and career here?” is a top question for many candidates. In the offer letter, include a sample career path for their role that shows potential growth within your company. Also, provide brief examples of customized learning programs and resources candidates can use to accelerate their advancement.

5. Be creative

Use the job offer to showcase your organization’s culture. You can mention some company-sponsored events that candidates might enjoy or customize the offer with photos and personalized congratulatory messages to help build connection.

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