Promote smarter retirement decisions with data-inspired benchmarks

What do other people like me do when it comes to saving for retirement? That’s the question many employees ask themselves, but without an appropriate answer, they may find their retirement journey at a standstill. You can get them back on track by providing relevant data insights that are reflective of decisions made by other savers under similar circumstances.

Here’s how a typical guided experience with peer benchmarks can help employees make smart decisions right from the start:

  • Tailored messages encourage employees to join the plan as soon as they can and begin saving.
  • Insights are derived by leveraging data-driven intelligence based on the savings actions of millions of similar retirement plan participants.
  • Eligible participants can see how much people like them are contributing to their 401(k) plans and assess if they’re contributing enough to reach their goals.
  • Participants are able to act in the moment and increase their contributions or take full advantage of employer match, if available.

Why choose the ADP Achieve employee education program

Achieve leverages the ADP® Data Cloud, which uses analytics and machine learning, to create meaningful, personalized insights that can help participants more confidently make tough financial decisions. We draw upon aggregated and timely data from nearly 30 million U.S. workers in more than 90,000 organizations and group it into clusters. This allows us to create peer profile-based benchmarks and provide relevant insights to help make it easier for workers to plan for retirement.

Learn more by downloading the ADP Achieve guidebook.