Gen Z women experience a narrower gender pay gap than previous generations, but the struggle continues. Consider these facts:

  • Gen Z women make 92% of what their male counterparts make.1
  • In just 22 of 250 U.S. metropolitan areas, working women under age 30 have parity with men or earn more than men.2
  • If this generation follows the current trend, by the time Gen Z women are over 55, they will have earned 75% of what Gen Z men have earned.3

Despite these inequities, many Gez Z women remain optimistic. In fact, 36% of Gen Z women believe that gender equality in the workplace will improve, compared to 25% of millennials and 29% of boomers.4 With a few changes to your policies, you can reward them for that faith and deliver a more equitable future.

How employers can close the gender pay gap

  • Focus on mentorship. When women mentor men, workplace inequality improves.5 Networking-based mentorship can also help.6
  • Support caregivers with flexible schedules, remote work, part-time work and job-sharing models.
  • Understand how pay transparency can shrink gender wage gaps.7
  • Expand benefits that support working women, such as family planning services, maternity leave and childcare.8
  • Make equity a core organizational value. Create equitable policies and practices, hold leaders accountable and perform regular audits.9

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