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ADP’s CPE programs provide professional continuing education opportunities on timely and critical topics that can help you fulfill your certification requirements through online webinars, as well as live on-site group seminars conducted by your ADP representative. To request an on-site seminar for your team, please contact your representative or fill out the form to the right.

Additionally, you can learn more about ADP and meet your local ADP associates when we visit your area for accounting industry conferences.

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New Year, New Changes to HR and Tax Compliance

1 CPE Credit

Many employers are still grappling with new compliance challenges enacted in recent years, and unresolved legislative priorities from past years have been brought to the forefront as the critical first year of the new administration begins. What should employers expect in this new environment? Which policy issues are affecting employers?

Join our event and get critical insights into these questions and observations on what to expect over the coming year.

During this webcast, you will learn about:

  • Current efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, and compliance expectations through any transition period
  • Recently finalized new Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) rules and other initiatives that address pay equity.
  • Retirement Plan Reforms to expand opportunities to save for retirement at the workplace.
  • The impact of increasing local government activism; e.g., paid sick leave mandates.

ADP remains at the forefront of helping employers understand the complex compliance, financial, and strategic issues surrounding workforce management. Tap into our expertise to ensure you’re in the best shape possible for future reporting and regulatory updates that may come about along the way.

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Building a best firm to work for

Course Description

In the current staffing crunch, creating a workplace that attracts and retains talent is more important than ever. In this webinar, senior executives from some of Accounting Today’s 2016 Best Firms to Work For and industry experts share tips, tactics and strategies for making your firm stand out from the pack.


Payroll as a Profit Center – Don’t Miss the Opportunity

Course Description

Recent changes to federal, state and local laws on overtime rules, minimum wage and paid sick leave have made paying employees even more complicated and have increased the risk of noncompliance fines for employers.

There are many ways you can earn revenue while providing a solution to your clients:

  • Processing payroll for your clients using a comprehensive solution that takes responsibility for payroll tax filing can improve client engagement while helping to minimize your risk.
  • Participating in a shared revenue program by outsourcing clients’ payroll to a provider with easy access to payroll data that interfaces to your GL.
  • Valuing and exiting the payroll business while at its peak through a client-based acquisition program can provide you resources.


California Dreaming – Understanding the complex world of California employment laws

Course Description

The golden state is known for having some of the most complicated employment laws in the nation. Even if you don’t have business locations in California, you may still be subject to state requirements if you have employees who perform work there. Add in recent federal changes to the overtime rules and it’s no wonder that a California employer’s goal of keeping up with their compliance responsibilities feels like a dream.

Learning Objectives

In this one-hour presentation, ADP will answer common questions asked of their HR Businesses Advisors and cover:

  • State of California and local wage & hour laws
  • Required new hire paperwork and other recordkeeping requirements
  • State of California and local paid sick leave laws
  • Paid family leave and other leave of absence requirements
  • Nondiscrimination laws, equal pay requirements, and mandatory anti-harassment training
  • DOL’s changes to exemption criteria and how it impacts California employers


ACA Best Practices: Avoiding IRS penalties – Why Acting Now Can Save You Penalty Dollars Later

Course Description

Your clients' forms 1095-C are likely filed and will now be used by the IRS to assess penalties for failing to comply with the Employer Shared Responsibility mandate of the ACA. That’s one MAJOR penalty opportunity scratched off the list. But before your clients see that assessment, there is a trigger happening now that can alert your clients to a potential problem: a Marketplace Notice. Early intervention is key when it comes to Marketplace Notices. Tap into our expertise to help ensure your clients are in the best shape possible for future reporting and regulatory updates that may come about along the way.

Learning Objectives

Gain a firm understanding of the following questions:

  • What is a Marketplace Notice?
  • Who is sending out these notices?
  • When will your clients receive them?
  • How should they respond?
  • What is the potential impact to their employees?
  • What the potential IRS penalties for failure to file and for Employer Shared Responsibility?
  • What is the latest IRS information on penalty relief?
  • What are some tips for responding to penalty notices/documentation to retain?
  • How is 2015 different than 2016?


Do I Have to Pay My Employees for That?

Course Description

In May 2016, the Department of Labor (DOL) published new rules that will increase the minimum salary requirement to be considered exempt from overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The DOL estimates that approximately 4.2 million workers will be impacted. While the final rules don’t take effect until December 1, 2016, employers should act now to assess the impact on their business and develop a plan for compliance.

Now is the time to ensure that your clients’ pay practices comply with the FLSA. Classifying workers and knowing when to pay employees for time spent traveling, in training, or during rest breaks can be confusing.

Learning Objectives and Agenda

  • Get an overview of the FLSA
  • Understand the difference between Exempt vs. non-exempt status
  • Learn about the DOL’s changes to exemption criteria
  • Explain the new minimum salary requirements effective December 2016
  • Find out options for complying with the final rules
  • Be able to explain how the final rules impact policies and practices related to after-hours work, overtime and time tracking
  • Understand the difference between Independent contractor vs. employee tests
  • Be able to understand the rules to handle pay related to off-the-clock work, travel, training and more


Better Manage Your Workforce: Understanding the Professional Employer Organization

Course Description

Since the great recession, your clients are being pushed and constantly being challenged to do more with fewer resources. Only 39% of CEOs believe that HR is well prepared for transformative change. This session will help you better understand what the Professional Employers Organization Solution can do for your firm and help you decide if this solution might be right for your clients.

Learning Objectives

  • Attract and retain quality employees
  • Minimize employer related risk
  • Understand how to manage variable labor costs


Building Client Confidence by Understanding Workers' Compensation

Course Description

Workers' compensation can be an essential part of doing business. In a recent study done by SourceMedia™ in partnership with ADP®, 55% of accountants say that workers’ compensation insurance is a regular topic of discussion with their clients, however only 15% are very confident in their ability to advise their clients. This webinar will help you to gain further appreciation of workers’ compensation insurance and will assist you in helping business owners manage the cost of this necessary insurance.

Learning Objectives

  • Define workers’ compensation and recognize the necessity for this coverage.
  • Identify the coverage parts for the workers’ compensation policy.
  • Identify benefits to the employee and employer liability concerns.
  • Describe the employee classification process in workers’ compensation rating.
  • Explain how premiums are collected and calculated.


Preventing Hacks: A How-To Guide for Small Businesses

Course Description

Many small business owners think that preventing hacks is an enterprise-level concern and not their concern. But the reality is that small businesses are a major target for cyber criminals because they are often not prepared for attacks. According to the National Small Business Association (NSBA), half of all small businesses surveyed were victimized in 2014, an increase of 44 percent from 2013.


  • Basic MUST DO’s for your firm or your clients, large or small
  • Data encryption strategies
  • Where to get information and share information on threats and hacks concerning your businesss
  • Protecting your virtual front and back door with the latest authentication methods and technology

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