On and off the course, anything can change the world of work

If there’s one thing we know about tomorrow, it’s that it will be unpredictable. By preparing for any potential hazards – whether running payroll or chipping out of the sand – you can be confident in your ability to navigate them.

ADP’s forward-thinking HR and payroll solutions are designed to help your business evolve with the changing world of work. Leverage our innovation to make more informed decisions and be ready for the next anything.

Smarter decisions start with insightful data

The ability of data to power performance is true no matter what your field. In golf, data is critical to our ADP ambassadors’ game. They rely on information, such as ball speed, ball flight, club distance benchmarking, strokes gained, wind direction, green reading and more to make better decisions on the course.

ADP’s payroll and HR solutions may not be able to enhance your golf game, but they can help you answer critical questions about your business and your people. Is your turnover rate higher than expected? Could your time and attendance be better optimized? Are your compensation packages competitive? With this data at your fingertips, you can improve business outcomes and be better prepared for new challenges that arise.

ADP golf ambassador Sam Burns swings his club as the trajectory of the ball transitions into the arc of a line graph within an ADP software dashboard featuring analytics data.

Teamwork is everything – on the course and in the workplace

Golf may seem like an individual sport, but the professionals have support teams – caddies, coaches, agents, etc. Each of them has a critical role to play that’s equally important as anyone else’s. And when golfers have faith that their team members are performing their jobs, they’re better able to flawlessly execute their game.

Business is no different. To keep moving your organization forward, you need to know that essential operations, like payroll and taxes, are done right. ADP has unmatched experience, deep insights and cutting-edge technology that can help you transform human resources from a back-office administrative function to a strategic advantage. Focus on what you do best and leave payroll and HR to us.

8 Golfers in a group picture

Making the most of teamwork and data with Sam Burns

Solutions designed to grow with you, no matter what lies ahead

Whether you’re a start-up company or an international enterprise, ADP has the unmatched expertise, agile technology and actionable data to help you best manage your people

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