Fraud Alert: Counterfeit ADP pay statements being sold on e-commerce websites

February 16, 2024

ADP has received reports about counterfeit ADP pay statements, also known as pay stubs or wage statements, being sold on e-commerce websites as authentic ADP products. These pay stubs or wage statements did not originate from ADP. ADP has not and will never sell paper stock or payroll products, including ADP pay stubs on 3rd party or e-commerce websites - such items can only be obtained directly from ADP.

How to Report Fraudulent Activity
If you are concerned about possible fraudulent or suspicious activity, contact your ADP representative for assistance.

Protecting our clients and their data from fraudulent and other malicious activity is a top priority for ADP. For more information about how ADP protects data and how clients can help protect themselves please visit ADP’s Security page at