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Reporting an Ethical Concern

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You can report concerns to the ADP Ethics Helpline in the following ways (anonymously, if you wish, where allowed by local law1):

  • Contact the ADP Ethics Helpline by:
    • Direct phone: 1-973-974-7377 (Accessible from all locations)
    • Third-Party Helpline Provider, EthicsPoint, a NAVEX Global company:
    • Website: adp.ethicspoint.com
    ARG-Argentina 0800-444-1389
    AUS-Australia 1-800-43-9437
    BEL-Belgium 0-800-100-10, after prompt dial 844-240-0613
    BRA-Brazil 0800-892-0739
    CAN-Canada 1-844-240-0613
    CHE-Switzerland 0-800-890011, after prompt dial 844-240-0613
    CHL-Chile - AT&T 800-225-288, after prompt dial 844-240-0613
    CHL-Chile - Telefonica 800-800-288, after prompt dial 844-240-0613
    CHL-Chile - ENTEL 800-360-311, after prompt dial 844-240-0613
    CHL-Chile - (ENTEL-Spanish) 800-360-312, after prompt dial 844-240-0613
    CHL-Chile - (Easter Island) 800-800-311, after prompt dial 844-240-0613
    CHL-Chile - (Easter Island-Spanish) 800-800-312, after prompt dial 844-240-0613
    CHN-China 4006015393
    CZE-Czech Republic 800-142-325
    DEU-Germany 0-800-225-5288, after prompt dial 844-240-0613
    ESP-Spain 900-99-0011, after prompt dial 844-240-0613
    FRA-France 0800-90-6586
    GBR-United Kingdom 0808-234-2963
    HKG-Hong Kong 800-96-1379
    IND-India 000-117, after prompt dial 844-240-0613
    IRL-Ireland 0808-234-2963
    ITA-Italy 800-784919
    MEX-Mexico 001-844-244-4492
    NLD-Netherlands 8006825408
    PER-Peru (Telephonica-Spanish) 0-800-50-000, after prompt dial 844-240-0613
    PER-Peru (Telephonica) 0-800-50-288, after prompt dial 844-240-0613
    PHL-Philippines If you are using an outside line, dial the direct access number below:
    ·  For PLDT users: 10105511-00
    ·  For Globe, Smart, Sun Cellular, Philcom: 105-11
    ·  After the voice prompt, dial 844-240-0613
    If you are using your personal land line (with IDD access), dial 001-844-240-0613
    If you are using your Avaya office phone, dial 1-844-240-0613
    POL-Poland 00-800-151-0189
    ROM-Romania 800 400 857
    SGP-Singapore 800-110-2233
    SWE-Sweden 0201408124
    USA-United States 1-844-240-0613

    Email: send an email to adp.ethics.helpline@adp.com

    Mail: send a detailed note, with relevant documents, to ADP, Mail Stop #325E, One ADP Boulevard, Roseland, New Jersey 07068; or

  • Contact the ADP local Human Resources team where you are based; or
  • Contact the ADP Legal Department by phone at 1-973-974-5865 and ask to speak to an attorney designated to handle ethics matters; or
  • Contact the Audit Committee of ADP’s Board of Directors by phone at 1-973-974-5770; sending a detailed note, with relevant documents, to ADP Board of Directors, Audit Committee, Mail Stop #405E, One ADP Boulevard, Roseland, New Jersey 07068; or sending an email to adp.audit.committee@adp.com.

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1 For individuals in France, Germany and Italy, the ADP Ethics Helpline only allows you to report concerns related to anti-bribery, auditing or accounting, banking or financial allegations, discrimination, harassment, security in the workplace, environment or anti-competitive practices. If your concerns relate to other areas, you are encouraged to report them to local management or Human Resources.

Any printed versions of this document should be used for immediate reference only. Please refer to the latest electronically approved version.
Updated April 6, 2022