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Associate Volunteering and Giving

We are proud that our associates want to give back so much to their communities; we support them with paid time-off programs.

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Building Schools

We believe that all students need and deserve a safe, healthy and inspiring learning environment.

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Corporate Giving and Philanthropy

Our corporate programs let our associates give back through workplace giving, and through volunteering time and knowledge.

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Data Center Sustainability

We are committed to keep reducing energy consumption in our data centers even more than we already have.

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Data Security Education and Training

We arm and empower our clients, associates and communities to safeguard themselves and their businesses from security threats.

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Developing Strong Relationships

We partner with universities and professional organizations to help our associates network, learn and grow their careers.

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Disaster Relief Efforts

ADP is always prepared and willing to help support the victims of disaster through monetary and volunteer aid.

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Humanitarian Efforts

We believe that every person deserves a safe, satisfied and fulfilling life, and that starts with meeting basic needs.

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Job Training & Career Assistance

We help men and women of all ages, all over the world, learn new skills and prepare for the working world.

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Local Office Initiatives

Our associate teams coordinate hundreds of philanthropic and charitable events and programs each year on a local level.

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Preparing Young People for the Working World

We help develop today’s youth into tomorrow’s leaders and entrepreneurs.

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Promoting Awareness and Inclusion

We believe that differences are what make us a stronger, smarter, and more successful organization.

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Providing a Flexible Work Environment

As we celebrate diversity, we also support the differences in work and life styles that our associates bring with them to ADP.

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Recycling and Waste Reduction

We take significant measures to reduce waste and recycle office supplies.

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Supporting Professional & Business Growth

We focus on programs that help businesses grow so they can better support their communities.

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Sustainable and LEED Certified Facilities

One of the most significant ways we can reduce our footprint is by ensuring our offices themselves are as efficient as possible.

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Transportation Initiatives

We encourage and enable our more than 65,000 associates to make their commutes as energy-efficient as possible.

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Working with Diverse Suppliers

Partnering with diverse suppliers is a major competitive advantage as well as a powerful way to help support and grow our community.

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ADP Corporate Social Responsibility Programs