ADP Workforce Now® HR management

Transform HR management from an administrative function to a vital, strategic part of your business with ADP Workforce Now®. Automate and streamline key needs such as employee recordkeeping, new hire onboarding, policy acknowledgment, workforce reporting, employee status changes, compliance tracking and reporting, and more.

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Popular HR management features and benefits

Valuable HR resources, compliance and guidance for midsized businesses.

Update employee records in a few clicks

Easily edit key employee data — including title, reporting pay, and custom fields — in one simple dashboard.

Streamlined HR record keeping and resources

Leverage basic and customized HR resources so you can focus on people, not paperwork with:

  • Manager and employee self-service and mobile app, empowering your workforce
  • Preconfigured new hire templates for part-time, hourly and/or international employees
  • Unmatched intuitive report creation to turn workforce data into powerful insights
  • Enhanced security with ADP’s industry-recognized security safeguards to help protect your information

Track your organization’s engagement and productivity with custom surveys

Make data-driven choices.

  • Research-based engagement survey easily deployed with actionable results in real-time
  • Custom surveys with flexibility to build and ask questions most important to your organization
  • Reporting dashboard to view and gain insights for making data-driven decisions
Global HR fact sheet (PDF)

Learn more about how ADP Workforce Now can help you go global.

One HCM system for your US and Canadian team

Rely on a unified experience to manage employees in both the US and Canada without having to log-in to multiple accounts. A single database for all of your data allows you to complete tasks for an employee in either Canada or the US in one system.

  • One pay profile: View all employees’ pay information in a single dashboard view
  • One payroll schedule: Set up payroll schedules for both the US and Canada without dependencies on either countrys

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