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ADP has acquired The Marcus
Buckingham Company (TMBC)

The core value of any company lies in its talent. But that requires more than finding and hiring the right people. It demands continuous development through coaching and education and the ability to understand your people backed by data. ADP's acquisition of TMBC's products, services and research strengthens our deep talent portfolio with scientific engagement and performance capabilities. This acquisition will allow us to continue to take a leadership role in creating a better workforce with cutting edge solutions and smart people that help our clients' realize their vision.

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About The Marcus Buckingham Company

TMBC, and its founder Marcus Buckingham, are pioneers in using data and research to drive talent management practices, and helping managers engage staff and increase performance. They have three decades of experience researching the correlation between individual strengths and profitable businesses, and have developed technology that applies that research to data needed to turn talent into better employee performance.

TMBC has a global client roster that spans a broad range of industries from professional services to hospitality and includes many companies in the Fortune 100. Its products, services, and research strengthen ADP's already deep talent portfolio with scientific engagement and performance capabilities.

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ADP StandOut:
Reinventing Talent Management

Based on decades of research into the factors that differentiate high-performing teams, TMBC created the cloud-based performance and talent management solution, StandOut. StandOut combines the rituals and behaviors of the best team leaders with technology tools, insights, and data needed to convert talent into performance. This solution will now be offered as ADP StandOut, and combine the technology and expertise of TMBC with the deep Talent Management resources of ADP.

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About Marcus Buckingham

Marcus Buckingham is a noted author and speaker. He has been featured as a thought leader on talent management and leadership trends in a range of outlets that span The Harvard Business Review and Forbes to Oprah and Larry King.

Marcus will join ADP as the co-head of the ADP Research Institute. "At a time when so many companies are clamoring for real-time and reliable people data, when they crave tools that leaders and team members actually want to use, the combination of ADP's scale, security, and data-integrity with StandOut's focus on real-world teams, is unique and powerful. I'm so excited to see how many companies and people we can serve."

Marcus Buckingham

In the world of people-at-work, everyone trusts ADP data, so I leapt at the chance to bring the ADP ecosystem StandOut's data-based insights and tools on people's talents, engagements and performance.

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