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Addi P


Addi P. is a digital character who represents the human expertise of ADP. The questions and challenges come from professionals who manage people at companies of all sizes. The advice comes from ADP experts who have a deep understanding of the issues and a passion for helping leaders create a better workplace.

Latest Articles  by  Addi 

A business person carries a briefcase out a door marked exit

Research & Insights

Ask Addi P.: What Data Should I Collect in 2020? Which HR Metric Matters Most?

improve employee workload management for the holidays

People Management and Growth

Ask Addi P.: How Do I Improve Employee Workload Management for the Holidays?

Addi P talks about AI and its impact on your organizations data

Workforce Analytics

Ask Addi P: How Does AI Work?

Its Addi P

Workforce Analytics

Ask Addi P: How Can I Best Understand Predictive Analytics from My AI System?

Hands of different colors are joined together

Trends and Innovation

Ask Addi P: Can Technology Improve Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives?

Overtime Pay

Salary and Wages

Ask Addi P.: How Do I Calculate Overtime Pay?

ask addi p creating a company culture


Ask Addi P.: How can we Develop a Culture of Learning?

addi p hr learning and development

HR Administration and Outsourcing

Ask Addi P.: What are Some Budget-Friendly Ways I Can Advance My HR Learning and Development?

Support strong mental health in the workplace


Ask Addi P.: How to Best Champion Mental Health in the Workplace

Addi P: Terms of Endearment in the Workplace

Company Policy

Addi P: Terms of Endearment in the Workplace

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