How Generative AI Is Enhancing HR and the Human Experience

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HR Leaders are now harnessing the power of generative AI to simplify tasks, increase productivity and free up time for more strategic work.

In this Workforce News Minute, ADP Chief Data Officer Amin Venjara discusses how deep datasets power the ability of generative AI to produce highly credible and actionable insights.

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Unlock the full potential of generative AI and turn your business into a state-of-the-art innovator powered by technologically advanced professionals. In Generative AI and the future of work, industry leaders explain how you can help make the future of work easy, smart and human.

ADP and generative AI for HR

In addition to exploring the benefits of generative AI, ADP has adopted rigorous principles and processes to govern its use of generative AI and AI in general.

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Video transcript

Gen AI technologies can obviously be used by practitioners to accelerate the way that they put into place HR policies, create content, and work with the information to advance the needs of the organization.

But it goes beyond that. It goes to executives and managers who are looking for a proactive understanding of the data and also to employees and to give them more control over their HCM experience, understanding policies and taking action to fit them into their lives.

Now, how does GenAI do these things? Data is the differentiator.

AI technologies require a rich and deep data set specific to the use cases to which they're applied and applying it to the world of HR means understanding the specific nuances of what happens in payroll in HR and benefits and reporting and recruiting.

And being able to do all of that in a secure, ethical and responsible framework is fundamental to the way that data is surfaced and exchanged.