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Global Performance Management: The measure of your employees’ value

Imagine if your managers and employees – in all of your locations across the globe – could set goals and measure progress year round, not just during annual performance reviews. Effective performance management hinges on your company’s ability to assess how well your employees and your organization as a whole are progressing toward achieving your larger strategic goals.

Globally Integrated Data, Information and Tools At Your Fingertips

Facilitating ongoing management and keeping your global workforce focused on strategic priorities requires a performance management solution that can:

  • Automate the entire performance management process, from goal planning through evaluations
  • Simplify the work of your HR services professionals with better tools and guidelines plus enhanced visibility into performance evaluation status
  • Help you quickly respond to any skills-related performance deficits with a broad, flexible array of learning management solutions from ADP
  • Reward your employees based on results – integrating performance functions with ADP’s compensation management solutions lets managers tie compensation awards directly to individual performance
  • Reach broader global human capital management goals by integrating performance management with other ADP-provided services, such as our succession management and human resource management solutions

ADP’s Global Performance Management Solution Keeps You On Track

ADP’s global solutions address key aspects of performance management, enabling you to:

Perform Ongoing Reviews and Increase Their Relevance

  • Reduce the length of performance cycles by automating self evaluations, manager evaluations and multi-rater reviews
  • Auto-populate review forms with up-to-date goals pulled from employee profiles
  • Give managers instant access to competency assignments and goal-related feedback to help them complete performance reviews faster and more efficiently

Increase the Effectiveness of Your Performance Plans

  • Make performance reviews and measurement a dynamic, ongoing process – not a static, once-a-year event
  • Provide the tools and framework needed to help managers and employees work collaboratively to define and prioritize performance-related goals, competencies and employee development activities
  • Enable employees and managers to check on the status of performance goals to keep things moving or make adjustments where needed


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