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Global Compensation Planning Management: Balance rewards with budget constraints

Global compensation management may be your company’s single largest budget item. Wouldn’t you like to have confidence that you’re allocating that money in the smartest way possible? ADP’s global compensation management solutions can help ensure that you reward your employees according to how much they’ve contributed to your company’s strategic goals, while also optimizing managers’ decision-making process – all without going over budget.

Global Compensation Requires Visibility, Governance, Control and Engagement

The more you add or relocate employees to multiple locations around the world, the more obvious the need for a globally consistent platform for compensation becomes. With a sound, merit-based global employee compensation solution in place, you benefit in several ways:

  • Clearly tie individual employee performance to goals, demonstrating how actions and outcomes impact rewards such as promotions, compensation and other incentives
  • Adhere to corporate procedures and policies – in every department, in every country
  • Give managers the visibility and tools they need to get the greatest return on their investment
  • Provide executives a dashboard-level view of compensation data to facilitate decision making
  • Ensure that managers and departments keep compensation spending on budget
  • Create a global pay-for-performance culture and improve employee engagement and morale in the process
  • Achieve broader strategic goals in global human capital management by integrating compensation management with other ADP-provided services, such as our performance management and human resource management solutions

ADP Helps Optimize and Improve Employee Compensation Planning Processes

ADP’s global solutions are designed to address the major issues faced by multinational companies when compensating employees around the world:

Adhere to budgets and policies, while easing the planning process

  • Use approval workflows to automatically and intelligently route compensation requests and other transactions
  • Give managers decision support tools to help them at key points in the decision-making process and minimize their need for HR assistance
  • Use formula-driven guidelines, interactive worksheets and modeling features to aid in planning
  • Allow HR services professionals and managers to see guidelines, salary ranges, market rates, historical employee data, budget allocations and more
  • Flag recommendations that fall outside of guidelines or budgets and analyze alternative compensation actions to address those recommendations
  • Enable your HR department to create predefined guidelines, salary ranges, market data, budgets (top-down or bottom-up), planning access periods and more to help guide and inform managers’ planning work

Adapt to regional and business unit needs

  • Provide planning tools that include all necessary currencies, languages, time/zone formats, etc.
  • Customize planning options according to regional or unit needs – without compromising corporate governance

Protect employees’ privacy

  • Control managers’ access to confidential data through the use of role-based permissions
  • Use the same application that you use for planning to also present compensation recommendations to managers, while suppressing the display of any confidential information that doesn’t pertain to their staff

Ease auditing, reporting and analysis

  • Use standard reports to highlight performance distribution, budget adherence and any exceptions
  • See graphic displays of geographical data, statistics and drill-down detail views to compensation details
  • Create ad hoc reports for viewing, printing or exporting data
  • Analyze employee compensation data in real time
  • Create full audit trails to demonstrate compliance


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