Align Employee Performance And Company Goals With Performance Management Tools

Your business has goals and priorities, but do your employees understand them and see how their own work and personal strengths relate to the overall business? If not, it’s time for performance management tools that help focus employees on continuous improvement, facilitate conversation between staff and managers, and point individuals in the direction that benefits the entire organization.

Simplify, Streamline And Automate Your Performance Management Tools

From goal setting to evaluations, tracking employee performance is an ongoing process that requires year-round communication to be truly effective. But that doesn’t have to mean year-round paperwork. ADP® Performance Management automates the process to help:

  • Drive adoption through an easy-to-use, self-service platform
  • Improve annual reviews by increasing manager/employee communication
  • Employees and managers work together to set weighted goals and development plans that align with the strategic objectives of the organization
  • Provide employees and managers with anytime visibility to goal assignments and progress
  • Reduce performance review cycles through automating evaluations and reviews

The result is a robust yet efficient process that helps facilitate continuous feedback between employee and manager, and align personal and business objectives throughout the year– without extra administrative burden.

Learn How to Make Performance Management a Year-Round Process Learn How to Make Performance Management a Year-Round Process
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Activate Performance with Development Tools That Drive Measured Results

You’ve identified an action plan to ensure your employees’ goals are aligned with company goals, but how do you further develop the inherent strengths and behaviors of each employee and keep them engaged in the day-to-day? ADP offers a suite of science-based leadership, collaboration and coaching tools that activate talent, by building the connection between the “me” mindset of the employee and the “we” mindset of the organization to help boost overall performance and help your organization thrive.

Charts icon 90 percent of companies that have redesigned performance management see direct improvements in engagement and 83 percent say they see the quality of conversations between employees and managers going up.
Source: Rewriting the rules for the digital age: 2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends

Base Rewards On Results

Once you’ve got a clear plan for improving and evaluating performance, the next step is integrating performance with compensation. ADP brings these systems together so managers can tie compensation directly to individual goals and overall job performance ratings. With tools that provide visibility into goal achievement and progress reports, this integration further simplifies the process of aligning individual performance with company strategy.