Connecting Workforce Insights & Business Impact through Data Science

As organizations increase the focus on collecting large amounts of data on their workforce, the question quickly arises around how to gain better insight from all of the information gathered. Taking a scientific approach to analyzing the data can deliver meaningful business impact – by answering questions such as how an organization compares to peers in their industry on overtime rates or salaries by role, level and region. Bringing in external data elements beyond human capital data, such as sales, manufacturing output or patient satisfaction scores, and building predictive models that look at the data trends and signals for specific profiles over a period of time can really make the connection between human capital decisions and the impact on an organization’s bottom-line. ADP DataCloud offers access to a vast collection of data,  benchmarks and predictive modeling capabilities, built from 60-plus years of history paying over 24 million people per quarter across 600,000 companies, to enable leaders to quickly and easily interact with their data to extract key insights that will power their business decisions.