Prior to ADP’s involvement, Mondelēz operated without a comprehensive payroll strategy. The company managed a complex, disparate range of technologies, systems and solutions globally — their payroll operations were undertaken in 66 different ways across 80 countries. This posed significant and unsustainable challenges which ranged from slow and inefficient processes to delivering an unsatisfactory employee experience. Their solution was to adopt ADP’s payroll services integrated with Workday for their HR processes.

In our collaboration with ADP, we’ve underscored the importance of selecting a partner aligned with our culture. Fostering a relationship focused on collaboration, innovation and support has been instrumental in our success. The ability to co-innovate and navigate challenges together has defined the transformative journey that sets us apart.

Volker Schrank, Head of HR Technology and Employee Experience
Mondelēz International


  • Managing a complex, disparate range of technologies, systems and solutions globally without a comprehensive payroll strategy

How ADP helped

  • By integrating ADPs payroll services with Workday for their HR processes, it successfully transformed and standardized payroll processes across 80 countries - achieving a simplified, unified approach

ADP Solutions

  • ADP Global Payroll

ADP and Workday integration drives transformation

ADP and Workday have a decade-long relationship that has always aimed to deliver a more streamlined experience for clients of both platforms as well as their payroll administrators, users and employees overall.

More recently, the partnership has been extended to provide an enhanced frictionless global payroll, compliance and HR experience for joint clients — greatly enhancing data visibility right across the HCM environment including compliance, tax and payroll.

Mondelēz has successfully transformed and standardized its payroll processes across 80 countries to achieve a simplified, unified approach with ADP’s payroll services in Europe.

Focusing on the user, prioritizing the employee experience

The benefits of the transformation of Mondelēz’s payroll and HR platforms with ADP and Workday, were clearly demonstrated during a recent acquisition by the company. As Volker said, “This new business was rapidly added to the Mondelēz family. We successfully onboarded over 5,000 new employees in 18 countries in just six months. We wanted to make our new colleagues feel welcome and part of our big team — payroll is key to that.”

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