In 2014, Guy Piombo was asked to build a wood-fire oven for a local church, despite never having built one before. After doing his research and delivering the oven, others took notice and started putting in orders for their own ovens. Today, Guy and his son, Tony, make 160 ovens a year for families all over the country.

Saving time is the big thing for me. Being the person who runs everything about this business other than manufacturing, time is a pretty valuable commodity. RUN Powered by ADP is incredibly quick, easy and efficient.

Tony and Guy Piombo

Tony Piombo, Co-founder
Forno Piombo

Business Challenge: A father-and-son business doesn’t have time to waste on administrative duties like payroll.

How ADP Helped: RUN powered by ADP® (RUN) gets payroll done quickly and accurately, and the mobile phone app allows it to be done from anywhere.