Maverick Solutions delivers customized training and digital adoption solutions for enterprise cloud software applications. Their proprietary ENGAGE training and adoption platforms, coupled with a unique service methodology, dubbed Training as a Service (TaaS), serve to increase user adoption and help enterprise organizations realize a maximum return on their cloud software investment. After 23 years in business, Maverick Solutions has trained over two million users.

As we explore growth, we know that whatever happens, we’ll be able to tackle it confidently because we have sound guidance from ADP. The assurance that ADP Comprehensive Services brings to Maverick is worth its weight in gold.

Cory Christensen, Senior Director of HR and Professional Development
Maverick Solutions


  • Onboarding and record keeping were paper-based processes, making management of remote employees inefficient and complicated.
  • Benefits open enrollment required multiple manual inputs to ensure elections were secured, transposed into payroll deductions and confirmed with the broker.
  • Compliance with newly introduced state laws made meeting employer obligations for their multi-state workforce challenging.

How ADP helped

  • ADP Comprehensive Services helped Maverick Solutions streamline their HR processes into a single, integrated platform, optimizing their onboarding, employee management, compliance, benefits enrollment and HR tasks. Now, leadership spends more time investing in company culture and strategic growth planning for the future.

ADP Solutions

  • ADP® Comprehensive Services

Paper processes are in the past for this HR team of one

Cory Christensen, senior director of HR and professional development, remembers life before joining Maverick and having access to ADP Comprehensive Services. “The paperwork involved with employee onboardings, background checks and benefits renewals was nuts — it was such a convoluted process and completely ridden with paperwork.” As the sole member of the HR team, Christensen knew that in order to bring more humanity to his role, and to the employees relying on him, he needed support.

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