Central National Gottesman Inc. (CNG) has tripled in size in the last 16 years through acquisitions and organic growth. Learn how ADP Workforce Now® has enabled to CNG to manage this growth, without adding people or costs.

Onboarding new employees is critical to how they view us as their new employer and you never get a second chance to do it right. It not only has to be accurate, it has to be fast, and it has to be easy. Our experience with ADP is that it hits a homerun on all of those things.

Steven Eigen CNG

Steven Eigen, Chief Financial Officer
Central National Gottesman Inc. (CNG)

Challenges CNG faced:

  • Managing the onboarding of employees from new acquisitions
  • Dealing with multiple paper-based processes, from onboarding paperwork to benefits selection
  • Streamlining open enrollment to make it easier for employees and HR

How ADP helped:

  • Enabled a seamless employee onboarding experience for each new acquisition from day one
  • Offered a streamlined and more accurate way of managing benefits selections and administration through Carrier Connections
  • Provided employee self-service capabilities to allow anytime, anywhere access to payroll and benefits information