Since 1972, Donut Villa has been serving delectable, handmade donuts to its loyal Massachusetts patrons. In 2018, Erin Bashllari took ownership of the store, expanded the menu, added a location, and renamed the company Donut Villa Diner.

A member of the Upnetic team walked me through everything I had to do on my end, and it was all just super simple and fast. I set it up and let it go. And overall, our business has increased 36%. Google Ads by Upnetic helps me make sure that everything from my SEO to my keywords are up to date and running as efficiently as possible. This was the perfect solution for me.

Erin Bashllari, Owner and COO
Donut Villa Diner


  • Marketing campaigns required too much time and money for an owner and COO who was already stretched thin.

How ADP helped

  • With Google Ads by Upnetic®, RUN Powered by ADP® clients get a team to run their online marketing with no additional fee.

I didn't have time to keep up with the marketing

Google Ads by UpneticBefore we opened the second restaurant, I was doing payroll by hand. I would write down the hours on a piece of paper and fax them over to my CPA. There was no real paper trail, so to speak, so I needed a better solution. My bank recommended ADP®, and they've made things a whole lot easier.

Then I heard about Google Ads by Upnetic. I checked it out, and it kind of seemed too good to be true. Like, whoa, this is free with RUN? I signed right up and spoke to an Upnetic team member a few days later.

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