JAE Restaurant Group is the owner and operator of Wendy’s restaurants throughout Florida, Texas and Tennessee. The group is committed to being an employer of choice and giving back to the community. Hear from the CEO as he shares the rollercoaster year and challenges the group faced in 2020, and how the culture and inherent values of the JAE team got them through it.

We switched from our previous provider to ADP because we wanted a certain level of service and functionality that we weren’t getting. ADP is a comprehensive payroll and HR solution. There are items we outsource to ADP and they get done right and on time, and that's important for someone like me. Payroll, taxes, things like that have to happen. I can't worry that they're not going to get done on time.

Randy Pianin CEO, JAE Restaurant Group

Randy Pianin, CEO
JAE Restaurant Group


  • Changing government regulations and COVID-related business challenges
  • Implementing a new payroll and HRIS system

How ADP helped

  • Self-service capabilities through the ADP mobile app
  • Streamlined reporting and increased functionality across their HCM solution

… and then came a pandemic

2020 was a year of mind-blowing challenges. It was my first year as CEO. We launched our new breakfast. Then, COVID-19 came into the picture. We dealt with increasing government regulations that were changing daily. We helped our employees get comfortable coming to work in a rough environment. We redefined working with our vendors and financial partners.

As COVID went on, we experienced a beef shortage. Wendy's only serves fresh beef, never frozen. We had to adjust our operations and promotions so we could feed our customers with strained supply of one of our key items and keep sales going. We also had to deal with civil unrest, an election year and, because of where we're located, we also had multiple hurricanes. So, it was clearly a challenging year.

I can honestly say, I'm glad that 2020 is over and looking forward to a less drama filled 2021.

Choosing a payroll provider

In addition to everything that happened in 2020, we also implemented ADP. The implementation team and project leadership team were great. They were available to help with anything and everything we needed. Payroll and HRIS system implementations are never easy. I greatly appreciate the responsiveness and partnership we had with ADP through the process.

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