Started in 1932, BENTELER Automotive, a division of BENTELER International, provides worldwide development, production and services in the field of automotive technology. BENTELER is using the ADP SmartCompliance® Health Compliance module, to assist with compliance (including reporting) required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

There are a lot of other players that have ACA offerings, but why would we look outside ADP if they had the right ACA compliance solution? For us, it wasn't a huge decision. It was more like, yes, they have this, and we had a demo. I said, ‘Wow, this is pretty phenomenal!’ ADP had me at hello!

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Pam Glowacz, Manager, Compensation and Benefits
BENTELER Automotive

Challenge: Needed a more robust system to meet ACA compliance requirements and to help with IRS notices if received.

How ADP helped: The ADP SmartCompliance® Health Compliance module helped BENTELER with achieving the structure the company needed to meet ACA compliance requirements.