After 15 years working in customer service for other companies, Danny Dawkins decided it was time to open a call center of his own. Diversity Dynasty is a virtual contact center that also offers website design and data entry.

By making it so easy to run payroll, ADP has helped me concentrate on growing my business. I would highly recommend them to anyone because they’re knowledgeable and they really want to make sure everything HR and payroll related runs smoothly.

Diversity Dynasty

Danny Dawkins, CEO
Diversity Dynasty


  • A first-time business owner needed help managing payroll so he could focus on growing his company.

How ADP helped

  • RUN Powered by ADP® made payroll simple and easy with ADP customer service there to provide one-on-one help when needed.

I knew ADP was safe, secure and user-friendly

I’ve always wanted to run my own call center, but I’d never done payroll before, and I’m not good with accounting stuff. I wanted to make sure my agents would be paid properly and all the taxes would be handled correctly, so I figured I should find a company that could help me.

I looked at QuickBooks and Homebase, but I decided to go with ADP. I’ve worked for other companies that have used ADP, so I know they’re safe, secure and user-friendly. And I felt they’d be better able to grow with my company.

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