Discover how ADP® is helping Thunderbolt Logistics, an Amazon delivery partner, focus on developing its leaders and business instead of the details through the use of ADP Mobile, reporting, time and labor and more.

My workday has changed tremendously because of ADP Workforce Now. I’ve gone from working 16- to 18-hour days, seven days a week to having a life again. Now, I work between four and eight hours a day.

Jose Mercado

Jose Mercado, President
Thunderbolt Logistics

Challenges Thunderbolt Logistics faced:

  • Managing a rapidly growing, on-the-go workforce
  • Manually handling HR and payroll tasks

How ADP helped:

  • ADP Workforce Now® automates many HR and payroll tasks, creating efficiencies and streamlining processes
  • ADP Mobile allows Thunderbolt Logistics’ mobile workforce to clock in and out and access work-related information on the go