ProAmpac is known for designing and manufacturing sustainable, flexible packaging. With a variety of customers ranging from food and beverage, lawn and garden, home, beauty and healthcare, it works to create unique and innovative solutions for all kinds of products. But not only does the company focus on innovating packaging; it encourages its nearly 6,000 employees worldwide to innovate processes on a daily basis through teamwork and problem solving.

ProAmpac utilizes ADP Comprehensive Outsourcing Services, a fully integrated managed services solution for HR, payroll and taxes, talent, benefits and time and labor, allowing them to be laser-focused on their strategic business initiatives. Discover how ProAmpac’s partnership with ADP® helps drive innovation through tools like recruiting management, data and analytics, performance management and more.

Innovation is about finding better ways of doing things. The benefit of ADP is our employees having access to everything they need.

Sal Pellingra, VP of global application and innovation development


  • Using 11 disparate systems to manage workforce and performance management
  • Having little insight or strategy into recruitment efforts
  • Quickly and efficiently hiring new team members during the pandemic

How ADP helped

  • ADP’s talent management tool provides a universal solution to measure performance
  • With ADP Recruiting Management, candidates are sourced in a central location and HR gains visibility into recruitment data, allowing for a more strategic process
  • ADP Screening and Selection Services provides in-house options for testing and screening, significantly speeding up the hiring process



Austin Rosenberger, HRIS manager and project management office (PMO)
Lauren Dunne, HR generalist and employee assistance fund coordinator
Sal Pellingra, VP of global application and innovation development

How ADP helps with innovation

Austin: We have a full suite of services from ADP. The ADP Managed Services includes processing payroll weekly, biweekly and semi-monthly. We also use recruiting, benefits, managed tax service, Screening and Selection Services, Wage Garnishments and more. We’ve recently innovated our processes around performance management through ADP. Previously, we didn't have a universal way to measure performance, such as a midyear touch point or a year-end evaluation. And with our company growth, we had 11 disparate systems for workforce and performance management, which meant it was done 11 different ways. ADP's talent management tool allowed us to instill a universal process, which has been a game changer. It has helped drive accountability and gain visibility into performance, which was a huge win for us.

Sal: Innovation is about finding better ways of doing things. The benefit of ADP is our employees having access to everything they need. They don't have to bother a manager or someone in HR to find information. They can go directly to ADP to view pay, team reviews, savings, health insurance... everything is in one place. And employees feel secure logging into ADP, which is important because there's a lot of personal information on there. The security and accessibility ADP provides is key. That is a better way of doing things, and it helps employees be more efficient overall.

Austin: ADP understands that we like to solve problems. They're consistently taking our feedback knowing that we came from having many different systems prior to ADP. Being able to share our feedback as an early adopter creates a win-win for us both. We're helping really mold a product or service that works for us. Our ADP client success executive is an extension of our team, helping to support our HR strategy. They know the direction we're going in and point us to ADP products that are going to help us achieve our goals and that has had a tremendous impact on the ProAmpac team.

Insights and analytics with ADP DataCloud

Austin: Without data, it would be hard to know what problems we need to solve. ADP DataCloud is amazing in helping us gain visibility. Whether it’s demographic data for DE&I purposes or knowing how many manual checks we cut in a week, ADP DataCloud allows us to gather our current state and pull specific data, distribute it amongst our sites and give them the insights and the tools to better manage their team. Without those insights, we can be flying blind at times. All those data points allow us to drive our HR strategy or solve the problems in front of us. That's where ADP DataCloud has made the biggest difference for us.

Creating efficiencies

Lauren: Using ADP technology every day has made my job so much more efficient. If I need to onboard an employee into ADP Vantage HCM, it takes two minutes and then I’m back out on the floor with the employees again. And new employees can start their onboarding from home as well through MyADP, which is a great option. I'm always happy to help them, but it's a very self-sufficient service for employees and for us as HR business partners as well. All around, it's sped up our process in the best way possible.

Driving innovation through DE&I

Austin: We had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Susan Hanold from ADP Strategic Advisory Services to help us understand how to lay the foundation for DE&I. We've been able to include this in our HR strategy and make DE&I a priority for ProAmpac. Giving somebody a place to work that they're comfortable in provides a sense of belonging and keeps them engaged. And those engaged team members often become our problem solvers and the ones driving innovation for us.

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