With ADP Workforce Now, Valley Cabinet not only streamlined daily payroll and HR operations, but did it at a pace that ensured both the HR team and the employees were comfortable with the changes. Better technology and automated processes gave more control to managers and employees and created time-savings, efficiencies and improved employee engagement.

The integration between all of our systems has been crucial. ADP Workforce Now is not only a secure repository for personal information, but the source of truth for all of our HR and payroll data.

Chris Gregg, Controller
Valley Cabinet


  • Lack of self-service options for employees created more work for payroll and HR
  • In-house, manual processes were time-consuming for both employees and HR team
  • Leadership and managers expressed concern about switching from their home-grown system to a new HR and payroll solution

How ADP Helped

  • The ADP Mobile app and HR kiosks provides a self-service option for employees to manage their information
  • Maintain compliance as the company has employees working in several states
  • Consolidated multiples systems to one, making managing data easier and more streamlined

ADP Solutions

  • ADP Workforce Now

A solid HR solution that’s as sturdy as the products they build

Having used ADP with a previous employer, Gregg knew there was a better way to streamline operations, and he quickly pushed for that change.

Throughout the trouble-free implementation and thereafter, Gregg’s familiarity with ADP allowed him to play an essential role in getting teams up to speed and proficient with the new system. Moreover, he found it easy to roll out features at just the right pace enabling employees to feel comfortable in adopting the change. As a result, it didn’t take long for Valley Cabinet’s geographically diverse HR teams to quickly embrace new volumes of data and employees benefit from being able to access important HR information on their own.

Better time and attendance visibility from any location

ADP Workforce Now provides Valley Cabinet’s employees more visibility into their schedules, tax documents, clock punches and vacation requests. The time and attendance module tracks hours, identifies anomalies and notifies managers if they need to follow up. Employees appreciate seeing their available vacation days and requesting time through the mobile app - a process that once required both manager and HR’s involvement. According to Gregg, the enhanced visibility employees have now has been instrumental in freeing up time for the HR team—and they didn’t have to increase the headcount to do it!

“With so many time and vacation related requests coming in daily, our HR staff couldn’t keep up. But now, with ADP, supervisors approve time-off requests and correct timecards. This has freed up HR to deliver employee training and engagement – a strategic priority that was typically unfulfilled, and repeatedly carried over from one strategic plan to the next.”

Automatic and accurate compliance done right

With employees in Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota, Valley Cabinet is acutely aware of the effort it takes to keep track of changing tax laws. Gregg notes: “It’s nice to have the tax withholdings and filings done automatically. We were on top of it before, but the process is much easier. With ADP, we know that the payroll will be done right, regardless of which state our employees are working in.”