IMI Americas Inc. is a manufacturing and engineering company focused on finding top talent to take on the world’s toughest engineering challenges. Since IMI has goals to expand through acquisitions and is focused on retaining their top talent, improving efficiencies for payroll and HR practitioners became a critical piece of the puzzle. We recently spoke to Jan Clewell, director of payroll, and Judy Stefanski, payroll supervisor, about their experience with ADP® and how ADP Comprehensive Services helps them simplify day-to-day tasks and gives them the ability to strategically focus on their goals with the use of powerful data and analytics.

I’ve worked with ADP for a long time. I have always referred ADP. I don’t refer any other payroll company. I do believe in my heart that ADP is the payroll company out there. And really the only one to use. I’m a very strong believer and a very true client.

Judy Stefanski, Payroll Supervisor
IMI Americas Inc.


  • Manual processes were creating a heavy burden for the payroll and HR teams. Additionally, IMI wanted to create a more seamless onboarding experience to reduce turnover and attract and retain top talent.

How ADP helped

  • With ADP Comprehensive Services, IMI was able to streamline many of their payroll and HR processes, helping to improve internal efficiencies. Currently, ADP is working with them to ramp up their recruiting and onboarding processes to help meet their retention goals.