Rémy Cointreau Americas is part of a larger group of high-end brands that share the same viewpoint — the most valuable asset is its employees. This philosophy is clearly reflected in the recruitment, training and culture throughout the company. Developing expertise and increasing employee engagement are motivating factors. David Dankenbrink, vice president of human resources, understood that to achieve these goals would require a powerful outsourcing solution from ADP.

And, one of the greatest impacts we experienced moving to ADP Comprehensive Services was the drastic decrease in employee turnover. Prior to ADP, our turnover was roughly 15 percent and now we are closer to five percent.

David Dankerbrink Remy Cointreau

David Dankenbrink, Vice President of Human Resources
Rémy Cointreau Americas

Business Challenge: A previous vendor was unable to provide solutions that allowed them to report accurately, onboard staff easily or provide support for HR initiatives and projects.

How ADP Helped: Mitigates their payroll administrative tasks while the self-service options provide employees their HR, pay and benefits information when and where they want it, allowing the in-house HR team more time to focus on strategic initiatives and goals of the business.