4Cs makes affordable childcare accessible for low income families. 4Cs partners with ADP on their Human Capital Management initiatives of developing their employees, mitigating compliance risk, and controlling costs.

4Cs was founded in 1971. We're an early childhood care and education resource and referral organization and we have a whole host of services for children and families. What we do here is we make affordable childcare accessible for low income families.

From a CEO perspective, ADP provides a lot. They really help you to be thinking about things that maybe you don't have the time to reflect on because the day is moving so fast. Coming from an HR department of one person, I was enrolling 56 people manually into the system. ADP has actually been a tremendous cost-effective service for us.

If I had an issue, they were just a phone call away. Just having access to all those individuals makes me feel confident and comfortable. Because of the pandemic, we've had to work semi remotely. ADP also helped us think through questions like: What is your state regulation? What are the rules? As things open up, what are the other things that you need to think about?

The mistakes that you can make by not having the proper things in place, or not thinking about what regulation you ought to be following, can be very costly. HR is about compliance. It's not the kind of thing that you want to be pennywise, pound foolish about. It's worth the investment.

Coleen Stevens Porcher, CEO
4Cs of Passaic County, Inc.