Discover how ADP® helped Yoke’s Fresh Markets engage employees with technology like a self-service portal and mobile app.

ADP’s self-service portal is strategic in that it provides the ability to communicate our company’s culture while at the same time, providing a digital work area for associates to manage their personal information.

Caroline Wyatt

Caroline Wyatt Caroline Wyatt, Vice President of Human Resources
Yoke’s Fresh Markets


  • Efficiently managing payroll for a primarily hourly workforce
  • Handling a manual open enrollment process at each store location
  • Finding ways to better cultivate the company’s culture and employee engagement

How ADP helped

  • Provided solutions like ADP Workforce Now to help manage payroll more efficiently and accurately
  • Helped set up self-service open enrollment, giving associates the ability to access and update their own information
  • Provided a portal in which employees can connect with the company and one another